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    Samoa Contiguous Sea (24 Nautical Miles)

    Samoa Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment Dataset

    The Maritime Zones, 1999, No. 18 25 August 1999(1) which repealed the The Territorial Sea Act, 1971, and the Exclusive Economic Zone Act, 1977 states that the contiguous zone of...

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    Niue Contiguous Zone (24 Nautical Miles)

    Niue Department of Justice, Lands, Survey & Community Affairs Dataset

    The Maritime Zones Act 2013 states that the contiguous zone comprises those areas of the sea that are beyond and adjacent to the territorial sea, having as their outer limits a...

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    Nauru Contiguous Zone (24 Nautical Miles)

    Nauru Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Dataset

    The Proclamation of 12 August 1997 provides the geographical coordinates for Nauru’s contiguous zone as declared under Sea Boundaries Act 1997. The geographical coordinates are...

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    Federated States of Micronesia Contiguous Sea Zone (24 Nautical Miles)

    Maritime Boundaries (GEM) Publication

    Chapter 1 of Title 18 of the Code of the Federated States of Micronesia, as amended by Public Law No. 19-172 on April 28, 2017, states that the Contiguous Zone is a line, every...