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Coastal fisheries data

Data on the status of finfish in the coastal waters of Tonga

FLOODING- Historical Data for Fiji Islands -last 100 years

Fiji Flooding

crime ratio comparative statistics

Ia ora na, I would like to supply elected representatives and institutions here in French Polynesia with accurate and up to date information about the South Pacific region. Our country is rapidly integrating into its geographical environment, especially since it has been accepted as a full member of the Pacific Islands Forum in 2017. However, there is stil a deep lack of knowing and...

sample size 5

data sets for applying statistical process control charts.

Kiribati Bathymetry Data

Hi there, Would like to request a recent bathymetry data for the Kiribati islands. Was trying to find it on the pacific data hub but there is nothing there. thanks

Pacific Journalism Review : Te Koakoa

The Pacific Journalism Review: Te Koakoa is a peer-reviewed journal examining media issues and communication in the South Pacific, Asia-Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 1994 at the University of Papua New Guinea, PJR has been published since 2007 by the Pacific Media Centre in the School of Communication Studies, Auckland University of Technology, and has links with the University...

Cell Towers in Fiji

It would be great if the Cell towers (vodafone,Telecom and Digicel) point spatial dataset (shapefile) could be available in the pacific-data hub for Fiji. This we could see the coverage available in terms of communication and internet access. This could help people to be aware of the telecommunication available in the interior and outer islands.

Library Catalogue

This is the PIFS Library Catalogue: