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Vanuatu accords high priority to education. Major efforts have been directed towards enhancing educational opportunities, quality and relevance and Open VEMIS (Vanuatu Education Management Information System) is an important tool for effective decision making towards realising these national goals. Informed decision-making in education requires accurate and timely information which shows the relationships between resource inputs to the teaching and learning process and student achievements. Linking Open VEMIS to agencies and institutions in education and other sectors that are engaged in educational activities is therefore important.

Participating in SPC’s review of data usage in the Pacific signals Vanuatu’s belief that information is crucial for informed decisions on planning, policy and programme development, and resource allocation across government.The emerging demands for high-quality and timely information from a wide range of stakeholders have alerted the Ministry to improve its management efforts to meet these demands.Vanuatu has come a long way and according to high level officials in government, the importance of data cannot be over emphasised.

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