Palau Sea Level Information #4

As part of the AusAID-sponsored South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project ("Pacific Project") for the FORUM region, in response to concerns raised by its member countries over the potential impacts of an enhanced Greenhouse Effect on climate and sea levels in the South Pacific region, SEAFRAME (Sea Level Fine Resolution Acoustic Measuring Equipment) gauges have been installed in twelve forum countries. This report provides background information regarding sea level and climate in the region of Palau based on available data. They record sea level, air and water temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction. The array is designed to monitor changes in sea level and climate in the Pacific. This project is sponsored by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), managed by Australian Marine Science and Technology Ltd (AMSAT), and supported by NTF Australia at the Flinders University of South Australia.To monitor changes in sea level and climate in the Pacific.Tide gauges measures relative sea level change, i.e., the change in sea level relative to the tide gauge, which is connected to the land.

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