Marshall Islands, Deepsea Minerals Survey (Atlas & Report) #2

The Cooperative Study on the Deepsea Mineral Resources in Selected Offshore Areas of the SOPAC Region, 2002, ­Sea Area of the Republic of the Marshall Islands­ .On the basis of the previous survey results, three seamounts, MS01, MS11, and MS12 were selected and drilling by BMS (deep sea boring system) was conducted to understand the occurrence of cobalt crust. Environmental survey was carried out to make clear the environmental characteristics of the area. The area was selected in accordance with the joint study program for deepsea mineral resources in the EEZ of the SOPAC member countries agreed upon by the Japanese executing agency and the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC) on March 3, 2000. By the survey, seafloor topographic maps and acoustic reflectivity data by Multi­Narrow Beam Echo Sounder (MBES) of thirteen seamounts had been obtained, and sampling mainly by dredging had been carried out.The purpose of the survey lies in the assessment of the potential of cobalt rich manganese crust (cobalt crust) resources and the environmental characteristic within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, a member country of SOPAC.SURVEY AREA Latitude Longitude a.) 20°20’S 155°00’E b.) 20°00’S 175°00’E c.) 5°00’S 175°00’E d.) 5°00’S 155°00’E a.) 20°00’S 155°00’ESEAMOUNTS: The MS01 seamount belongs to the Ralik Chain, and the MS11 and the MS12 seamounts belong to the group of seamount including the Anewetak Atoll. The MS12 seamount is called Mij­Lep Guyot

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