Bulldozing Progress: Human rights abusses and corruption in Papua New Guinea's large sacle logging industry

Date created: 07 March 2022

Tropical forestry and logging are complex subjects, encompassing a range of diffi cult issues, including land ownership, the sustainability of natural resources, the impact on climate change, the social and economic impact of logging on isolated and relatively untouched, subsistence sector communities, and the protection of the basic rights of the people concerned. In our increasingly globalised world what happens with forestry and the environment in any country is a matter of international, not just national, interest. This is refl ected in the United Kingdom Government’s international priorities, two of which have relevance to forestry viz: • Promoting sustainable development and poverty reduction underpinned by human rights, democracy, good governance and protection of the environment; and • Achieving climate security by promoting a faster transition to a sustainable low carbon global economy.

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Issued 2021-07-19
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